Diagnosis & Change management

To audit, sensitize, explain & provide sense, train, manage the change, build operational plans of action,, define references, measure, create membership, integrate culturally

  • Definition of the kind of sustainable development policy you intend to setup in your R&D structure, what kind of targets ?
  • Organization & management of sustainable development in your R&D structure
  • Ecodesign diagnosis of your products & services, identification of main improvement levers

Operational projects & actions

To be active & manage your success

  • Definition of a strategy & sustainable development axis
  • Identification of projects calls & grants, files building and definition
  • Stimulation and support in projects building
    (opportunities analysis, issues & risks assessment, partners & competences identification, contacts, impacting external data definition… to define all necessary conditions for a project genesis, and its success)
  • Framing, building & management of eco-innovative projects
    (strategy, marketing, financing, specifications, business plan, partners, creativity, patents & contracts, project engineering, management, convergence management, quality management, delivery to the market…)
  • Identification, assessment and involvement of partners / customers (Europe or wider)
  • Business models assessment & business plans building

Workshops / Sensitization

Could be sized function to your needs

  • Ecodesign of products & services
  • Definition of a strategy & management of sustainable development

Développement durable

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