The company was founded in 2007 by Jérôme Lavernhe, which has been in charge of various functions in PSA Peugeot Citroën innovation department

IMS Partner is a consulting company, dedicated to business customers, specialized in business development through innovation & sustainable development (strategy, organization, management, studies & operational projects, training, coaching).

Innovation has to be held in all its possible means : technological, product, process, services, marketing, organization, sustainable development & ecodesign, communication business model, sales, logistic...

Our aim is to boost competitiveness and growth of our customers (from SMB to international groups, any kind of sectors), by adopting a dedicated and global approach of innovation activity

We integrate the following concerns in our approach : strategy, marketing, financing, intellectual property & patents, creativity, technical & industrial feasibility, projects framing & management, business plan, communication, design, organization, & processes, business intelligence, supplier/customer relations, patents & research valorization.

Our approach is fully customized, taking into account ambitions & resources of each company. Additionaly, IMS Partner has developed a strong competence on the field of sustainable development and ecodesign, so as to integrate this essential component in the global innovation approach.

Our customers, located in the whole Europe, are mainly industrial companies for private sector, and clusters-business development or innovation agencies-collectivities for public sector.

Our mission isto deliver new competences to our customers, or support existing teams by providing an exterior point of view. Thereby we help our customers to stand back, to brake established culture and borders, so as to get new freedom fields.

At last, we have developed a strong partners network, so as to deliver an exhaustive approach of innovation (patents writing, engineering, mock ups & prototyping, toolings, testing facilities, operational marketing, technical experts…)

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