Organization & management of innovation activity

Definition of a strategy & innovation axis

Framing, financing & management of innovative projects

Management of creativity, stimulation of projects genesis …



Organization & management of sustainable development

Definition of a sustainable development strategy

Ecodesign of products & services …

sustainable development


Strategic studies

Scouting & trends studies

Marketing studies …



Building of a professional network

Identification of partners & competences …


About IMS Partner

IMS Partner is a consulting company, specialized in business development through innovation, with the aim to be continuously at the best level concerning innovation activity news & best practices.

Our aim is to boost competitiveness and growth of our customers (from SMB to international groups, any kind of sector), by adopting a dedicated and global approach of innovation activity, including the definition of a strategy, the building of an organization and processes, training, projects building (financing and grants, technical & economical framing, management, partners & competences identification, creativity, market delivery…) .

Additionaly, IMS Partner has developed a strong competence on the field of sustainable development and ecodesign, so as to integrate this essential component in the global innovation approach.

At last, we daily and continuously scout macroscopic trends in terms of technologies / society / consumer / business / politics / marketing / communication / management / sustainable development …

Our services axis : audit & consulting, studies, projects, coaching, training.

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